We are a faith based residential transitional drug rehabilitation program designed for men who struggle with substance abuse problems and homelessness.

A Safe Environment

The MFSH program is designed to provide structure, discipline and regimentation to men who have lost their way. Along with individual treatment plans and the daily monitoring of itineraries, each client is held accountable for his commitment to recovery and discipline. MFSH program guides all residents on a path to successfully re-enter mainstream society where they can become productive individuals first to themselves, then to their families and, subsequently to their communities. To do this the MFSH provides the following to all of its clients and families.

What We Provide

Individual Treatment Plans | Substance Abuse Education | Individual and Group Counseling | Psychological Testing and Evaluation | Marriage and Family Life Counseling | Money Management | Relapse Prevention Education | Parenting Skills | Anger Management | Life Skills | Vocational Rehabilitation | Physical and Nutritional Education | N.A. and A.A. Meetings

Social Statement

The addiction of some is worth the attention of all

Startling Reality

In the past ten years San Francisco City and County has experienced the closure of many of its drug treatment facilities, which had served the community for years. Man’s Place closed in June 2004, Milestone closed in 2002, FAD closed in 2002, Liberation House closed in 1999, Western Addition closed in 2004, and Walden House has experienced tremendous cut backs in their services to women and children.

These programs, and many others throughout the five Bay Area counties, have either closed or cut back services for same reason, lack of funding. This crises has led to the over burdening of the few programs that are left. Law enforcement and the prison and jail systems are still getting the lion’s share of federal, state and county funds, while treatment facilities are dying in mass each year. The programs that are still holding on are barely surviving as the government continues to cut back on much-needed services. Now, based on the statistics, the need for treatment programs has skyrocketed in the past ten years and is getting worse. Crime in our neighborhoods is getting worse, and the cost of the drug pandemic to the taxpayer is getting still worse.

According to the Little Hoover Commission report of March 11, 2003, one in nine Californians suffer from an addiction to alcohol or other drugs. The expenditures for the State of California responding to the problem of drug abuse (including economic losses to public agencies, corporations and individuals) are more than 32 billion dollars per year. The Commission report further points out that, while the State will hire more law enforcement, build more jails and prisons, it continues to under fund our treatment and prevention centers so that in the past 10 years many of our alcohol and drug centers have closed down due of lack of funding.

...treatment can restore lives, revive communities and reduce the growing demand on public programs.

The Outrageous Cost


Alcohol and drug treatment is a cost-effective response to these expensive maladies – saving $7 for every dollar spent, by two analyses. As part of a larger effort to reduce drug and alcohol abuse, treatment can restore lives, revive communities and reduce the growing demand on public programs. In a study conducted by the University of California at Los Angeles, it was estimated in 2001, that some 2.3 million Californians needed treatment for drug or alcohol abuse, 31,806 people were injured, and 1,308 people were killed on California roadways in collisions involving alcohol alone.

Though this study has demonstrated that there has been a 7-to-1 return on treatment funding with the result of reduced crime, enhanced productivity and lower health care costs, the State still allocates more funds for inmates. Proposition 36 dedicated $108 million a year to treat, rather than incarcerate those arrested for drug offenses. In five counties alone, some 12,000 drug abusers were diverted from jails into treatment.

Mission Statement

The Metropolitan Fresh Start House is committed to restoring in men their ability to dream, and see themselves as responsible leaders of family and community as they transition from dependent to independent, from tax burden to taxpayer, and become individuals committed to building up instead of tearing down the lives of their loved ones.

Fresh Starts Uniqueness

Just as a medical professional would not dare treat cancer with a band-aid, the MFSH program is designed to arrest the causes of drug addiction and not just the effects. Therefore, the MFSH is a program that empowers clients for total recovery, restoration, rehabilitation, dignity and personal pride. The uniqueness of the MFSH is its emphasis on total recovery, while treating the whole person, rather than just emphasizing abstinence from drugs.

One of the sadder commentaries that hits close to our hearts is the fact that among the churches of Christ across the brotherhood is the fact that most leaderships have ignored this pandemic and its murder of the brightest stars of the future of our movement. How many more deaths in families of leadership will it take for the church to honor it’s responsibility to it’s membership and it’s community join the fight against sin and Satan that he is waging against the church through the proliferation of drugs.

Our Vision

At this time the MFSH seeks to expand its services in order to fill the void of the many suffering Americans who are seeking treatment in places that no longer exist because of lack of funding. Once again, it is important to reiterate the fact that the Metropolitan Fresh Start House is a program that has survived budget cuts, recessions and some extremely lean times, but has somehow kept the doors open while expanding the quality of services and fixing broken people and their families. Because of the escalation of the drug pandemic affecting all areas of American society, it is now imperative that MFSH expands its capacity and services to the community of the hopeless.


The Metropolitan Fresh Start House is a faith-based 24-hour residential live-in drug treatment facility that is licensed and certified by the State of California. The Fresh Start program is designed to restore broken men of society back to productivity, focus and faith.

The Metropolitan Fresh Start House program was founded October 1, 1989, and has grown phenomenally in quality and quantity of services to its clients for the past 22 years. Beginning with a faithful few who strongly believed that the purpose of the church was to serve the hurting people of their communities, the MFSH volunteers made the necessary sacrifices in time, commitment, money and love to first open Fresh Start's doors to the homeless who were addicted to drugs then, subsequently, became a center for the Red Cross to serve the homeless after the Loma Prieta Earthquake of October 17th 1989, for the entire year.

Now we serve the homeless, the hopeless, the recovering addict, our countries veterans and other men needing a fresh start in life.

Our Founder


Mr. DeVore has been involved in counseling addicts and their families for the past 30 years, he has also worked as Chaplain for the Alameda County Sheriff's Office at Santa Rita Jail for seven years; five of those years he served as Supervising Chaplain. His position involved managing more than 300 volunteers from many different religious faiths to work together as a team to share a general message with the inmates that might cause them to never again return to custody.

As a motivational speaker he has presented to audiences all over the United States. He has also been a gospel minister for the past 36 years, and he currently ministers to the Metropolitan Church of Christ, a church that has received more than 40 awards for gang diffusion and curbing the dropout rate among high school and middle school students in San Francisco in the 1990s. Mr. DeVore, along with the members of the Metropolitan Church of Christ, started the Metropolitan Fresh Start House, which is now independent, and in its 23rd year of operation.

Mr. DeVore grew up in San Francisco where he completed elementary, junior high, and high school before attending City College of San Francisco where he was a track star. He moved to the East Bay where he graduated from the Bay Area School of Religion in 1974, then moved to Southern California, where he worked as the Minister of Evangelism for the Inglewood Church of Christ, then a Pulpit Minister for the West Adams Church of Christ in Los Angeles.

Mr. DeVore has been married for 44 years, has six children and four grandchildren. Although his passion is working with people, he returned to his beloved San Francisco in 1988, for one reason: to save lives.

Our Staff


Kinwood DeVore

Executive Director and Founder


Sam DeVore

Program Coordinator


Monroe Quinn

House Manager


Richard Suydam

Case Manager / Intake Coordinator


Juanita Johnson



Rod Kearney

Administrative Coordinator

The original group of MFSH volunteers believed that no matter what the circumstance, people could change if they could rally the community to work together in concert to provide the love, support and encouragement needed to rebuild the lives of people broken down by life's circumstances. They also believed that they could make a large dent in the devastation brought on by the proliferation of drugs in their low-income socioeconomic underserved communities. MSFH then collaborated with several other community-based organizations such as Visitacion Valley Job and Employment Training and mental health organizations, detoxification organizations, medical clinics and the Veterans Administration to insure the best possible care for its clients.

The words of Sir. Winston Churchill, Never has so much been expected of so few, have been the embodiment of the efforts of the few MFSH volunteers along with the gracious monetary contributions of thousands of Christian individuals, churches and small businesses across the nation which have kept the MSFH doors open and allowed for growth and expansion of services over the past 22 years.


Although there are many worthwhile community-based organizations that are working to improve the quality of life in inner-city communities, many programs have been forced to drastically reduce services or completely shut down due to government cutbacks; however, in spite of these government cutbacks, the MFSH Board of Trustees, volunteers and concerned individuals, have stepped in to fill the void through fundraising activities. Please support these efforts by donating today.

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Metropolitan Fresh Start House is a 501(C)(3) Non-Profit Corporation

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